Week 1 of NaNoWriMo

Whilst taking a step back from the second draft of The Thief of Lenora, I decided to sign up for National Novel Writing Month and tackle a new book.

It was a long weekend for me in Melbourne (thank you horse races), so armed with my laptop, a box of cereal, coffee and a packet of Tim Tams, I shut myself away for two days straight and started NaNoWriMo. I’d gotten my idea for the novel just a few days prior while walking home from work. The next day I had the bulk of it plotted out in my head. All I had to do was write. But first I had to get my iTunes playlist sorted out because it would have been a disaster had I started writing whilst listening to pop instead of country. Well, in my mind it would’ve been a disaster. Suddenly I started having flashes of Lisa in The Simpsons episode, The Book Job and I almost reached for season one of Friday Night Lights to further expand my time wasting.

So, with the right playlist on I started typing. I did my best to ignore the typos and grammar mistakes, and parts I knew I would need to flesh out or change later, and just keep writing. And I have to admit, I think I’m now onto this type of writing. Although, maybe speak to me after I’ve finished and start on the second draft process. I clocked up 4,000 words and then stopped to have dinner and a bit of an unwind by watching re-runs of Nashville.

Day two, and I decided I needed more songs on my ‘writing playlist’ so the iTunes store was my first stop when my laptop whirled into life. Now with The Lumineers downloaded and playing, I began. I’m normally a fan of briefly looking over what I’d written the day before so it was torture to just pick up where I’d left off and just push on. But I managed, and I’m the happier for it. Another 4,000 words done and even though, according to my housemate, I looked pale and sickly, I was happy!

Day three, I took a break to get some much needed sunlight and human interaction. A nice little rejuvenation day so I could attack the next few thousand words with some energy. And it included a quick detour to the shops to buy myself a little present because I work on a reward system. If I work hard, I treat myself to a new item of clothing. So now decked out in my new $40 jumper, I’m ready to go!

Happy writing!!

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