Why I Started Writing

As a kid I was always reading and would spend hours in my room devouring The Baby Sitters Club series (huge Stacey fan) and The Magic Faraway Tree.

I loved taking drama lessons and playing netball but always preferred coming home and trying to write plays, stories and poems.

My love of writing stayed with me through my teens, where I wrote some truly horrible stories but it wasn’t until university that I saw writing as something I wanted and needed to do.

I only lasted one semester of uni before deciding it wasn’t for me and instead choosing to head straight into the workforce. But that semester ended up being the most important four months of my life.

I was studying primary teaching and one of my courses required me to read a book called Alanna: The First Adventure. I bought it and remember opening the first page with a slight feeling of dread. Up until this point I wasn’t the biggest fan of fantasy books and I wasn’t keen on reading it.

My apprehension lasted all of two pages. I read it into the night and the next day I went online and ordered the rest of the series. And all the ones after that. Tamora Pierce became one of my writing idols and her books are the ones I turn to when I hit a slump.

I started writing The Jewel of Kamara not long after reading the Alanna series and I’ve never looked back.

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