The “Official” Bio

Bridie Blake lives, daydreams and writes in Melbourne, Australia. She’s happiest at her computer, coffee in hand, Tim Tams on standby and her furry companions Poppy and Mac at her feet. When not writing she’s usually found with a book in her hand or playing with her tribe of nieces and nephews.

Bridie is the author of the YA Fantasy novel, THE JEWEL OF KAMARA, and YA contemporary novels A DISTANT VOICE and UNTIL YOU.


The “Unofficial” Bio

I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Stories, songs, plays that I made my family perform. I always had a million things running through my mind and nothing has changed the older I’ve gotten. Actually it’s probably gotten worse. I’ve mastered the art of nodding along in conversations and slipping out the occasional ‘yeah’ and ‘mmm’ while constructing conversations and paragraphs in my head. If I stare at you blankly don’t fret. There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just in one of my writing zones and there’s no helping me at this point! Just back away slowly and touch base with me in a month or so and I should be able to carry a conversation like a normal person. At least until the next writing wave hits.

It took me ten years to finish my first novel, THE JEWEL OF KAMARA, because I kept playing at living in the real world and thought being a writer was no more than a fantasy I shouldn’t indulge. Eventually the pull of my characters became too much that I just had to write the story, and I’ve never looked back. Creating stories is all I’ve ever wanted to do and now I’m doing it (while still playing at being in the real world from 9-5).


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jeanette and Ray says:

    Lovely to read about you Bridie and we are so pleased for you. Your mum and dad are so proud of you – you have worked so hard on this book – you have been rewarded and know we look forward to reading your first book and telling our friends about you.
    much love Jeanette and Ray Bernet xxxxxxxx

  2. I had to stop and comment to say how much a enjoyed reading your book “A Distant Voice”. I’ve actually read it twice. 🙂 It is the kind of book that stays with you. You are a very gifted writer and I look forward to reading what you write next. If you need anyone to help with cover reveals or reviews, just let me know! dondah@gmail.com

    • bridie_blake@hotmail.com says:

      Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by! I’m so happy to hear you enjoyed it. A Distant Voice is very close to my heart so it means a lot that it is resonating with people.
      I love your website:)

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