Happy Birthday Evernight Teen!!

EVERNIGHT TEEN is celebrating their anniversary this month with a 3rd Birthday Blog Hop. It’s EVERNIGHT TEEN’s birthday but we’re giving out the presents with a Grand Prize of a $100 Amazon gift certificate!

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EVERNIGHT TEEN books feature fresh teen fiction that is raw, gritty and real. Whether paranormal, contemporary, sci-fi or suspense, our books are about real issues and pack a strong emotional punch. You’ll find cutting edge fiction that today’s young adults can relate to and will keep you turning the pages long into the night.


I’m proud to be an EVERNIGHT TEEN author. Enjoy this tease from my book, A DISTANT VOICE.



“Hi,” he said in a voice that reminded me of the first time I’d spoken to him in chemistry.

“I hear I missed one hell of a game last night.” He glared at me and I quickly realized that wasn’t the best choice for an opening line. Okay, try again. “I didn’t know how important football was to you. I should’ve gone to watch you.”

“Is that it?”

“What else do you want me to say?”

He turned back to his truck and rifled through his tool box. “I’ll see you around.”

I stared at his back with a sick feeling in my stomach. I didn’t want him to be angry at me. Hanging out with him made me feel almost normal again.Like I could be a teenager. “I’m sorry, okay?” I blurted out.

“Wow, that’s heartfelt,” he said.

I took a deep breath and tried to ignore his sarcasm. If I wanted him as a friend I had to be honest, or as honest as I could be, because he deserved that much. “I really am sorry,” I whispered and moved toward him. My fingers reached out to touch his back but I let my hand fall at the last moment. “I’m not good at being a friend. I didn’t have many so I don’t know how to do it.” I sighed. “Being a sister’s easier. Sister’s forgive without having to say sorry. We snap and argue with each other and then five minutes later it’s forgotten. I guess, I don’t know how to do it any other way.”

“Why didn’t you have friends?”

“Because I chose Rose.”

He nodded and stopped playing with his tool box, turning his head to the right so he could see me. “Will you come to my next game?”

I winced. I really didn’t want to go but his pleading eyes made me nod my head. God, he’s turned me into a softie. “Sure. As long as you promise not to ask me what I thought afterward. I don’t know the first thing about football.”

He grinned and nudged my foot with his. “I’ll add it to our study list.”

“Don’t even think about it.”


In life you don’t find your voice. It finds you.ADistantVoice-evernightpublishing-Jayaheer2015-smallpreview

Violet Hayes knows how to survive the year living with her grandmother in the small town of Wandorah, Tennessee.

  • Make Rose happy
  • Don’t sing or play guitar
  • Avoid Sally Shaw
  • Ignore Carter Jenkins

It seems simple enough, right? Wrong.

  • How do you keep a depressed sister happy?
  • How do you deny yourself your dream?
  • How do you avoid a friendship?
  • And how do you ignore a boy when he’s everywhere you turn?

Violet’s to-do list just became a whole lot harder.

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